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Nabhasa yogas occur based on the elements and modalities of the signs. Certain planetary combinations in. In this manner, the over riding effects of Nabhasa Yogas may be considered. This Yoga is of a common occurrence in horoscopes and yields to adverse results if.. In our current case, the yoga is broken by Saturn, who is currently sharing a sign with Rahu. So, we don't get the full effect of the yoga, only a partial effect. The planet that helps to break the yoga, in this case, Saturn, can be the key to transforming the suffering that Kala Sarpa Yoga can bring about.

Why does Kala Sarpa Yoga bring suffering, and what does that mean exactly?

Suffering is a general word that can indicate any variety of "hard times" ranging from illness and loss to disappointment and depression. Basically, when we aren't enjoying the fruits of life, when we are deprived of satisfaction or when we are facing any level of difficulty, we can be suffering. Kala Sarpa brings suffering through pinning all of the planetary energy into the grip of the Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu, the Dragon's head, as you can imagine, tends to devour and belch smoke. Ketu the body of the Dragon, separated from the head, tends to contract and lift upward, ever questing to reconnect with that head.

The rotating axis that these two eclipse points create travels in the opposite direction through the zodiac as the visible planets. This axis therefore can point to the things beyond our control that compel us to take certain actions or submit to situations. We always have free will to impel us to improve our situation in life, which is where personal karma steps into the world and works within the ever-present influence of the fateful Rahu-Ketu axis. As we grow through life, each of us suffers, some of us more than others.

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Part of making our way through these difficulties is finding a graceful path that alleviates these instances of suffering. Whether through the detachment we build through spiritual practices, the sacrifices we make to improve the lives of others or the determination to find a silver lining on each cloud, we can lessen the condition of suffering in our lives.

When Kala Sarpa Yoga goes into effect in real time, what I observe within myself and through the antecdotes of other people, is that there is an increase in the requirement to deal with difficult situations that are mostly beyond prevention or control. For example: a bee sting that causes such swelling that one can't swallow, a flash flood destroys one's basement, politics within your company cause job loss for no reason, etc.

In the case of these three partial Kala Sarpas of July, August and September , we have Saturn as the key to overcoming these difficulties that we may find are forced upon us. The Saturn-Rahu combination is something I have been talking about since before the two planets joined in January This may seem ironic to some, as Saturn also has the reputation for bringing difficulties and suffering.

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However, Saturn has a reason for causing problems: to force us to humbly submit to the concept of taking responsibility for our actions, which is all spelled out in the law of karma that Saturn upholds. For those with the right amount of respect for Saturn's concepts of humility, responsibility, detachment and charity, Saturn's lessons seem less trying and more about building the deepest type of strength a person can attain. You may find that during these periods of Kala Sarpa Yoga that you are facing difficulties that you may not "deserve. Saturn would be be pleased with you if in the midst of your suffering, you could look around you and find someone who is suffering even more, and offer them help or service.

Understand that we are all in this condition together and the way out is likely to look beyond oneself. While Saturn deals the hard lessons to help us learn the facts of life, Jupiter deals the lessons to help us learn how to overcome the limitations of life.

Nabhasa yogas in astrology what rules

Jupiter is positive, expansive and the ever-available distributor of wisdom. Each planet has a unique way of shedding their influence into different directions, which causes special "aspects" to come from certain planets to other places in the zodiac and the planets that inhabit them. Jupiter also projects his energy in a triangular way; picture Jupiter being one point of an equilateral triangle and he extends his arms toward the other points. Each arm is casting Jupiter's energy in that direction.

Therefore, Jupiter is aspecting Venus' sign, Libra and the planets in it, Rahu and Saturn, and Jupiter is aspecting Aquarius with no planets in it, but interestingly, Aquarius is co-owned by Saturn and Rahu. I don't think so My point is that anything that is being stirred up due to the influence of Rahu Kala Sarpa Yoga and Saturn suggested remedy for the Kala Sarpa Yoga could be ameliorated even further by graciously receiving the guidance of Jupiter. Jupiter is called Guru in Sanskrit, so it could literally be seeing advice and guidance from a trusted teacher or allowing the writings of masters and saints to inspire, comfort and guide you through difficult waters.

Jupiter helps immensely to see the silver and gold linings of any cloud. Jupiter always guides us joyfully toward safety and growth. Remember this during difficult or confusing times in the months ahead. Somewhere will be the voice of Jupiter, urging you forward toward a place where you can root and grow. Pray for the ability to recognize and accept the choices that will promote your growth and connection with a higher purpose.

This is as the Moon reaches fullness and after the breaking of Kala Sarpa Yoga. This may be a window where things become clear and one can take steps to pin down and wrap up things that may have blown loose. Mercury rolls into the Moon's sign of Cancer during the morning of Sunday, August 4, joining the Sun and Mercury in the Moon's own sign, which is of the element of water.

Mercury is somewhat impeded in water signs, which always slow down those who move rapidly. Mercury moves straight through Cancer, exiting to Leo on August This means that as long as Saturn is located in Libra, he will cause his remote influence, his gaze, to fall in Sagittarius, Aries and Cancer.

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So while Jupiter is positively influencing Rahu and Saturn, Saturn is influencing Mercury and the other planets in Cancer. Since Mercury is responsible for how we communicate, exchange, move and connect, this may be somewhat impeded due to the watery, emotional influence of Cancer and the slow nature of Saturn. This may not be the month for fast transactions.

This may include articles of many eminent astrologers which could be very helpful for many astrology students as i myself, a puzzled student of this Supremely Divine Science Post a Comment. Saturday, February 8, Adultery- Vedic astrology. Adultery: When ascendant and the Moon are both in moveable signs, strong malefics are posited in Kendra, not with benefics. Jupiter and Venus occupy common signs and do not aspect malefics, the girl may not be faithful to her husband. If both the ascendant and the Moon fall in moveable signs and also the ascendant lord, chastity of the girl becomes doubtful.

Conjunction of Mars and Venus or their mutual aspect raises doubts about the character of both the bride and the bridegroom. If the ascendant in the girl's chart falls in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius with Venus or the Moon posited in the ascendant, or Saturn occupies the 7th house, or Mars happens to be in the 8th house, the chastity of the girl becomes doubtful.

The Sun's position in the 8th house in the girl's chart is also not desirable. The marital alliance is not compatible if Kuja Dosha is present in one chart and absent in the other unless it gets cancelled due to other factors.